Farewell Summer Salad with Black Kale, Peaches, Almonds & Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette

It’s officially fall and we’re excited for cozy sweaters, colourful leaves and pumpkin spice everything! But before we go there, we thought we’d savour the very last of summer with a Farewell Summer Salad. Yes, it’s sad. Summer is over. However,  you can still grab some local bites of sunshine (or peaches as they are more commonly known) at your local market and have one last taste of summertime.

While at our local farmer’s market this weekend we noticed the last of the Ontario peaches and grabbed a basket along with this gorgeous black kale.

black kale & peaches

We had never tried black kale before but were intrigued by it’s beautiful purple colour. We thought  it would not only look great (hello contrasting colours!) but also taste great and deliver a good dose of healthy vitamins and nutrients to our bodies too.  Something we all need after a summer of indulgence.

Farewell Summer Salad

To make this salad is very easy, toss all the ingredients below together with your favourite berry vinaigrette (or make your own). Farewell Summer Salad goes well on it’s own as an appetizer or with grilled salmon or chicken as a main dish.

Farewell Summer Salad


  • 1 bunch of black kale
  • 3 fresh whole peaches
  • 1 handful of raw almonds
  • your favourite berry vinaigrette- we used Kraft Fruit & Veg Berry Balsamic


serves 4 as an appetizer/side or serves 2 as a main

  1. wash kale, remove stems and chop into bite sized pieces
  2. dry kale  in salad spinner or pat dry and place in a large salad bowl
  3. wash peaches, remove pits, cut into slices and add to bowl
  4. roughly chop almonds and add to bowl
  5. drizzle with salad dressing
  6. toss, serve & enjoy!

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