Food Meets Design

What happens when creative thinkers and designers get to play with food as their medium? Well, it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect. Something exciting, inspiring and inovative. Below are some examples of designer food that plays with shape, pattern and colour in ways we’ve never seen before.

Pantone Tarts by Emilie de Griottes for Fricote Magazine

French Food Designer Emilie de Griottes plays with food and colour in this series of Pantone tarts she recently created for issue number 6 of Fricote Magazine. Using tart crusts as her base, she layered them with white icing, marked them with the exact Pantone colour and finally, layered on food (fruits, vegetables, candies, etc) to create these edible Pantone swatches in every colour of the rainbow. Aren’t they pretty?


“Design Nori” by I&S BBDO for Umino Seaweed Shop

Using the same cutting edge laser technology that fashion and accessories designers are using to bring us this seasons intricate lacey and eyelet details, I&S BBDO teamed up to create this series of laser cut nori for Umino Seaweed Shop in Japan. The legendary ad agency used classic Japanese patterns and symbolism (cherry blossom, turtle shell, rain drops, etc) to create these beautiful “Design Nori”  in order to encourage sales for after the 2011 Tsunami. This makes us wonder how else lazer cutting technology can be applied to food and food products.

Parmesan Pencils by Kolle Rebbe Germany

What happens when a German Ad Agency takes Design Thinking beyond the package? Probably one of my favourite examples of designer food! These Parmesan Pencils created by Kolle Rebbe are so fun! Basically you have a “pencil” who’s “lead” comes in 3 flavours (chili, pesto and white truffel) and who’s “shavings” and exterior are made of parmesan cheese! The package comes complete with a pencil sharpener allowing you conveniently sharpen your delicious parm pencil on top of your meal. Wait, it gets better! On the back of the package includes recipe suggestions AND a guage to tell you exactly how many calories you just shaved onto your salad. BRILLIANT!



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