Gluten Free + Lactose Free Cake

It was my dad’s birthday this past week, with him wanting to make his own dinner (he makes the best meals so we couldn’t refuse), I decided to bring dessert. With a wheat and lactose allergy I endeavored to make a cake to accommodate. Finding a great tasting gluten-free/ wheat free cake is hard enough on its own without trying to find one that is lactose free too. With a bit of research online I found a gluten-free cake recipe, and substituted lactose-free ingredients. What I came up with was an orange-flavoured two layer cake with a marshmallow top…that’s right marshmallow!

nicole in the kitchen_

First, start by making your marshmallow layer. I used a recipe from LCBO Food & Drink magazine . Using this recipe, omit the salt and substitute the vanilla extract for orange extract. Once you pour the mixture into the pan to sit, drizzle 1 food die and use a toothpick to marble. Sift icing sugar over top, wrap and set aside.

For the cake I used a gluten-free recipe found here. Substitutions: all-purpose gluten-free flour, vegan margarine for butter, orange extract for vanilla. I made two batches of this and died one with orange food die. Poured the white mix into a shallow square pan, and the orange batter into a square deep pan (slightly smaller).

Once the mixes were baked and cooled I trimmed the edges, stacked them on top of each other and added the trimmed marshmallow layer on top. Was this ever delicious!

orange cake

Happy Birthday Dad!



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