Happy Birthday Nicole!

Happy Birthday to delishsis photographer, and my sister Nicole Billark!

To celebrate,  I made her these adorable burger cupcakes for her BBQ party over the weekend. Now I can’t take all the credit here, I found the idea after doing a google search for BBQ’d cupcakes and immediately changed my mind from cooking cupcakes on the BBQ to making these super cute burger themed cupcakes instead. They were super easy to make, just take your favourite vanilla and chocolate cupcake recipes and make a batch of each. The “buns” are just vanilla cupcakes cut in half with some sesame seeds for added detail. The “burgers” are just a slice of the chocolate cupcake topped with coloured icing condiments! So simple and they sure look cute!



One thought on “Happy Birthday Nicole!

  1. Love how the creative mind works! Instead of bbqing cupcakes you opted to make delicious cupcakes that look like bbq’d burgers. I for one think these look amazing!! It’s all in the details and you got them perfect.

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