Happy Canada Day & Ribfest

Happy Belated Canada Day!

We hope everyone got a chance to celebrate this long weekend.

When we think of the perfect Canada Day long weekend, it includes spending the weekend outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, beer, caesars, and last but not least, BBQ’d meat. This weekend was jammed packed with all of those wonderful things and to top it all off, we hit up the annual Oh Canada Ribfest in Waterdown, Ontario. Below are some photos of our rib eating adventures.

Boss Hog’s (pictured above) was one of our favourites. They had a really well branded, visually striking stand too which is probably what caught our attention.

Pictured above were our favourite ribs at the festival from Bone Daddy’s. These ribs were fall of the bone, smoked and then grilled to perfection and slathered with BBQ sauce. For us, the sauce is what set these ribs apart. It was everything the perfect rib sauce should have and had a slight spicy kick.

They didn’t last long!

4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day & Ribfest

  1. Well done ! I am so proud of the the way in which the Delishsis team presents the great life that we enjoy here in the manner in which it is meant to be experienced. Simply and fully. Someone should give you your own show.

  2. The sauce was spicy, eh? I find that a lot of the BBQ sauces used at the Ottawa ribfest is on the sweet side. I’d like to find some ribs at the Ottawa ribfest that have a slightly spicy sauce. Wanna join me next year?

    Happy belated Canada Day!

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