Introducing Delishsis D.I.Y.

Introducing our new D.I.Y. column! We’ll be featuring a new D.I.Y. posts along with the recipe posts you are used to seeing from us. We are excited to show you another side of delishsis, please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Spring is here and we are starting to see our local fruit markets slowly spill out onto the sidewalks. As we were walking around this weekend, we noticed all of these bright, colourful spring flowers and had to pick some up. Although the flowers are beautiful, the green plastic container they come in…not so much. We didn’t want to go out and buy a new pot so we decided to make one ourselves.  It makes the perfect gift to bring to your host on Easter, keep for yourself, or make for a friend to brighten up their day.



Supplies (clockwise from top left): 1) can from our recycling FREE  2) Washi Tape we got here for $2.75  3) Indoor/Outdoor spray paint from local hardware store  $6.99  4) small potted plant from local market $2.99 (make sure the pot it comes in has the same diameter as your can)DIY-1-image-3

How it’s done: 1)  Find a large sized can, remove label, wash and dry  2) Give the can 2 coats of spray paint, let dry after each coat 3) decorate with washi tape DIY-1-image-4

4) Put a pretty plant in it and voila! You’ve got yourself a cute springtime gift!


DIY by: Amanda Billark

Photos By: Amanda Billark

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