Lemon & Basil Spritzer

Here is a refreshing, easy to make Lemon & Basil Spritzer. It’s the perfect thing for sipping in your back yard or amongst friends at a BBQ.


– juice of 1 small lemon

– 2 – 3 large basil leaves (ripped into pieces)

– ice

– soda water

– 1 tbsp. white sugar

– 1.5 oz vodka (optional)


First start by making a simple syrup – 1 tbsp. white sugar dissolved in 1 tbsp water. (set aside)

In a 6 oz glass, add basil, simple syrup, and vodka (optional).

Muddle ingredients (mash ingredients together to release flavours). Add a few ice cubes, lemon juice, and top with soda.

For best results, leave muddled ingredients & lemon juice for a few hours in the fridge before adding soda & ice.


Happy Labour Day!

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