New Year, New Goals

So it’s the start of another new year, yay 2014! We’re big believers in making new years resolutions. If the goals you set are honest, achievable and things you actually care about working on, resolutions are great motivators for improvement in all areas of your life. We decided to come up with a list of food/nutrition related goals for 2014 to share with you.


1-drink more water-01We’ve all heard it!  8 glasses a day for better skin, a flatter belly, more energy and better overall health.  Although on most days, we do choose to drink water over juice, we’re still guilty of not drinking enough. We think the above illustration by Torrie T. Asai  would sure help us remember to drink up!  Do you have any tips for drinking more water?


2-waste less food-01

2. This one’s a biggie! The UN estimates that 1/3 of all of the world’s food goes to waste, ONE THIRD!!! This is nuts considering around 925 Million people worldwide are threatened by starvation. This has been a resolution for the past few years now and is something that we are improving on. It’s not that we’re big food wasters (nor have we ever been) but  by changing the way we shop for food and putting an emphasis on meal planning BEFORE we go to the store or market  have really helped us to buy only the food we know we are going to eat before it goes bad.

The above photo is part of a really cool series by photographer Klaus Pichler entitled “One Third” on the topic of food waste.

3-cook more with friends-01

3. What’s more fun than getting together with friends and cooking up an awesome meal together? We often get together with friends for potluck dinners but there’s something to be said about doing the cooking AND the eating together. Cooking in a group is a great way to share and learn new skills as well as collaborate and come up with some pretty awesome stuff you might not have thought of on your own. We’d like to plan a pizza party as shown above, or how about an iron chef themed party where there’s a secret ingredient and you all have to feature it in a unique dish?

Photo via Todd Porter & Diane Cu of White on Rice Couple


4-eat less meat 2-01


4. It’s a fact, eating less meat is good for you AND the environment. While we do love meat and because of that could probably never become a full fledged vegetarian, we are conscious of the impacts eating meat has on both our bodies and the world around us. Our goal this year is cut back a bit and try to not eat meat at least 3 days a week. Part of this resolution is to get more experimental and learn how to cook more amazing, vegetarian dishes. What’s your favourite vegetarian recipe?

The illustration above is by Koosje Koene and is part of a project called They Draw and Cook– a collection of illustrated recipes from around the world.


5- be more creative-01

5. Not that we don’t experiment and have fun with our food but this year we want to push ourselves to think a bit more out of the box.  We want to step out of our comfort zone, take more risks and play with our food the way we play and create with other mediums.

We got plenty of inspiration from the image above featuring ‘Dessert of Flowers’ from Noma Restaurant made with elderflower mousse, rose hip meringue, violet syrup, thyme fluid gel, and skyr sorbet.  Noma is a restaurant in Copenhagen that has been called the best in the world. Each and every dish is a true work of art where the eating experience has been beautifully created. Take a look here at this video where chef  René Redzepi creates one of his signature dishes and see the art behind what he does.

There you have our top 5 food resolutions for 2014! What are your New Years Resolutions? Are any of them food related? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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