OMG Cupcakes!

I recently won a contest from one of our favourite cupcake places in the city, OMG Baked Goodness. I won by entering their “OMG In the City” contest where they’d post images of cupcakes around the city on their twitter and facebook.

Followers were asked to guess the location of each photo (always containing an OMG cupcake), I correctly guessed the location of the photo above and won 6 cupcakes! It was the perfect way to start off the weekend!

My Choices (I got 2 of each) Left: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana (my favourite!), Middle: Lemon Curd, Right: Red Velvet

While I didn’t eat all of them in their entirety (it was tempting though), I did try some of each, sharing the rest with my sister and friends. My favourite was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana which had banana cake with chocolate chunks topped with a delicious peanut butter icing. MMM!

Thank’s OMG Baked Goodness!



Photography by: Nicole Billark (as always!)



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