Treehouse Dinner at The Berkeley

Last week we brought our boyfriends on a double date to a picnic dinner up in the Treehouse at The Berkeley on Queen st. East in Toronto. It was the prize of a contest we won this summer,  lucky us!

Upon our arrival, we climbed up the 2 or 3 flights of stairs into the treehouse and looked out over the Berkeley property and the city beyond. We were greeted with a nice selection of wines and then treated to a fantastic, globally inspired meal that showcased a wide variety of what Berkeley Events has to offer. Below is just a sampling of all that we devoured.  When you’re enjoying a meal like that, it’s hard to pause and take pictures! Appetizer of AAA Ontario Beef Duo, Natural Jus on homemade buns with local mustards

Check out the spread! Butter Chicken, Saffron Rice, Chinese Pork Buns with Ban Mi Slaw, and Grilled Vegetable Skewers, just to name a few….

Butter Tarts AND Apple Pie?!!! Oh my!  These were made specially by Joulie of Berkeley Events who planned our entire experience. It was such a nice treat to have homemade desserts and we found out that Joulie and her family hand picked all of the apples for the pie (how sweet!). Everything looked and smelled so good,  we couldn’t even wait to take a photo of the Apple Pie before we each ate a piece!

A BIG thank you to everyone at The Berkeley and Berkeley Events! Especially to Joulie who made it all happen!  We all had a fabulous time, the food was DELISH and the atmosphere was so welcoming and unique! A date night to remember for sure!

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